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The Brief

We were approached by a company with an innovative idea to bring stickers to life with the power of an app. By embedding unique codes which could be scanned by the user, audio messages are recorded and shared with the world.

The stickers can be placed almost anywhere, allowing users to bring their every-day items to life. In addition to the basic functionality, voice changing effects allow the recordings to be tranformed into something completely different.


The Development

Once the project had begun, we quickly realised the potential of the app and worked seamlessly with our new client to create the best experience possible, within the budget. We enjoy working in an iterative process, and this allowed us to produce a final product which is above and beyond the original spec.

The integration of social platforms allows users to share their experience and find out what others are doing too.


The Results

Everyone is very happy with the final product and we look forward to adding more features in the future. The title is now available on the Apple App Store so feel free to give it a try!

Toggland Toggland Toggland Toggland