Stickman Kite Flight

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The Brief

A new publishing company approached Ragtag looking for a software developer capable of creating fun games and handling the entire process from start to finish. The brief was to create an endless runner style of game, where the player controls the action via free form gestures to inject gusts of wind into a kite.

The aim of the game is to fly the stickperson as far as possible whilst avoiding all obstacles. We aimed to create the title supporting both iPhone and iPad, with full retina graphics, at a download size capable of transfering over 3G.

Stickman Kite Flight

The Development

We expanded the concept brief into a full design and created a development plan before going into full production. Once the art style was established and approved we began building the systems to allow endless procedurally generated levels.

Physics are at the heart of the game and care had to be taken to ensure this worked well with all elements throughout development. Once the core systems were in place we were able to continue expanding the features and refining the gameplay.

Stickman Kite Flight

The Results

The final product contains many additional features including Leaderboards and Achievements. The title is now available on the Apple App Store and we are pleased with the results.

Stickman Kite Flight Stickman Kite Flight Stickman Kite Flight